Thank you for your interest in Comfort IV Therapy.

As a healthcare consumer as well as a healthcare provider, I understand the importance of a trusting relationship with your pharmacy and pharmacist.

Aside from working for three years in a long term care pharmacy, and brief assignments in retail and hospital settings, almost my whole career has been devoted to home infusion therapy.

While attending the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, I was introduced to a specialized field of pharmacy practice called ‘home infusion therapy’ in one of my clinical rotations. It was in its infancy in the 1980s, but even as a student I knew that it was going to be my career path. After graduating in 1991, I worked in a Baltimore City hospital, soon after obtaining a staff position at my first infusion pharmacy. Throughout my career, I’ve had various roles, including consultant, trainer, and manager of various local and national infusion pharmacies. I have extensive experience with writing pharmacy Policies and Procedures manuals, and have served on quality assurance and hospice committees.

As a home infusion pharmacist, it is very fulfilling and exciting to be contributing towards a better quality of life for the patients that I serve. I have the opportunity to know and closely follow my patients, some of whom require lifelong therapy. I am also helping to ease the burden on our healthcare economy; treatment at home is more cost effective than in a hospital and most other outpatient settings.

Our Cleanroom and specialized mixing equipment meet stringent regulations for compounding of sterile medications, which includes biannual certification. Our pharmacy staff is trained in intravenous compounding techniques and undergoes periodic validation testing to maintain proficiency.

As your infusion pharmacist, I take pride in making sure that your therapy is optimized and personalized to your specific needs. I will be selecting the most appropriate delivery system to allow you to maintain your daily activities, including work. Collaborating with your doctor and home nurse, I will be monitoring your drug interactions, adverse reactions, lab results, and also recommend dose adjustments, if necessary. And as part of our on-call service, I am always available to answer any questions that you may have, even after office hours.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further information. I look forward to servicing your home infusion needs.

Devi Koung, RPh
Pharmacist / Owner