Infusion Devices

Your pharmacist will select the most appropriate pump for your therapy.

Ambulatory Pumps

Battery powered. Best for large volume therapies such as nutrition, hydration, immunoglobulins, or frequent dosing of antibiotics. These pumps can also be used for pain management therapies.

Cadd Prism

Enteral Feeding Pump

Battery powered. Used for nutrition via a feeding tube, such as a nasogastric tube or an ostomy tube.

Kangaroo Joey Enteral Feeding Pump

Elastomeric Pumps

A high tech ‘balloon’! Also known as an Eclipse Pump or a Home Pump. Single use, disposable. Used for small volume therapies such as antibiotics.

Elastomeric Pumps

Syringe Pumps

Battery powered. Used for smaller volume therapies, from a few milliliters up to 50mls.

Syringe Pump
Syringe Pump


Used for medications that can be administered safely over a few minutes.


Aqua Guard Glove

These are not infusion devices. They are used to cover IV catheters for bathing.